I'm Married To The Music For Better Or For Worse

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You’ve seen this band grow. You’ve seen them flourish through the best of times. You’ve seen them be hurt and devastated. You’ve seen them become older with lives of their own, and wives and children. This band is still a beautiful thing. You were dreading the day that their stories became past tense. But it finally happened and now you feel numb. Whether this band changed you or saved you or helped you or simply were there for you to listen to. You will be saddened, but their music is still there to listen to and to be loved.
My Chemical Romance will never die.

Like Moths Into Flames by DerekBrad on Flickr.

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Just gonna post this for anyone who still hasn’t seen it. :D

this actually made me cry it’s perfect

I just love him so much.

you just have to reblog this<3

wow. i didn’t think that was going to hit me so hard.. i words can’t explain how much this man right here means to me.

 After I caught myself crying nearly halfway through, I realized how much this man really means to me and how much I love him.  

This made me cry. Honestly. Austin, I can’t tell you how much you helped me and how much you mean to me….thank you. Thank you so much.

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 Sleeping with Sirens | Brisbane Soundwave 2013 

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i was looking at this and i thought “aww this is cute” then i realized hes holding an ax oh

Ryan Neff | Miss May I

Rian, you have just summed up fangirls in under 140 characters. Babe.